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Cathy Fosnot Interview  
FLV   9:46 min
MP4  155 M
Coaching Coaching    
Classroom Instructional Strategies Classroom Instructional Strategies Video    
CLIPS – Linear Growing Patterns  
FLV   3:18 min
MP4    9 M
Differentiated Instruction Differentiated Instruction    
Disaggregating Data Disaggregating Data    
Gap Closing Overview  
FLV   9:00 min
MP4   15 M
Gap Closing: Planning for Your Whole Class  
FLV   8:30 min
MP4 139 M
Grade 9 Applied :Increasing Student Achievement by Improving Student Engagement - Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB Web Page
Harnessing Web 2.0 Will Richardson    
Mathematical Processes Mathematical Processes    
Posing Powerful Questions TIPS PPQ    
Research to Inform Decisions Research to Inform Decisions Video    
Teaching through Problem Solving – Three Part Lesson Three Part Lesson    
Technology Supports - Applets Applets    
What does good Math instruction look like?  
FLV   1:59 min
MP4   33 M