Teaching Through Problem Solving - 3 Part Lesson

Shawn Perry, York Region DSB, who is a demonstration teacher 2006 – 09, discusses Grade 9 lesson goals for his 3-part lesson focused on teaching through problem solving, invites you into his classroom, and discusses his reflections about student learning and how they inform his instructional moves. Clips of classroom management are gathered together in the fourth of 5 segments.

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   Determining Starting Points for Instruction  
FLV   9:59 min
MP4  102 M
   Teaching Through Problem Solving: Three Part Lesson  
FLV 16:20 min
MP4  171 M
   Continuing the Congress: Pursuing Understanding  
FLV   5:31 min
MP4    59 M
   Classroom Management  
FLV   3:28 min
MP4    36 M
   Student Voice  
FLV   3:43 min
MP4    39 M