TIPS (Targeted Implementation and Planning Supports) are 3-part lesson plans and related supports for Grade 7 through Grade 12.

TIPS Resources
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TIPS 2.0
Sample lessons using the TIPS template, with associated video or student work samples.
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TIPS4RM (TIPS for Revised Mathematics)
Three-part lesson plans and supports for Grade 7 though Grade 12, developed by or supported by the Ministry of Education.  Grade 7, 8, 9 Applied and 10 Applied are complete courses.  The other grades have complete course outlines and selected units have been fully developed.  Many of the grades also have summative assessments.
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TIPS for ELL (TIPS for English Language Learners of mathematics)
Supports, course outlines and selected lessons designed specifically for English Language Learners of mathematics.
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TIPS FI (French Immersion)
Student worksheets for French Immersion Mathematics classes.  All worksheets for the Grade 7 and Grade 8 TIPS courses have been translated into French.* * If the original worksheet contains a picture, the associated French translation appears below the picture.
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TIPS IWB (Interactive White Boards)
Sample TIPS lessons using interactive whiteboards.
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TIPS PPQ (Posing Powerful Questions)
TIPS lessons with a focus on effective questioning, using both the TIPS template and the Posing Powerful Questions template.
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