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Adapting an Existing Lesson Using an Open Question to Support Split Grades
A grade 7/8 teacher worked with a coach to develop an open question that would address learning goals for this combined class. Included are the minds on, action and consolidation. Video of each section is embedded in the TIPS  2.0 template and is available by clicking the “AV” symbol in the left hand column of the template.  
  • Operations with Fractions Grade 7/8  
  • Operations with Fractions Posing Powerful Questions

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Adjusting a TIPS4RM Lesson in Grade 9 to emphasize a Math Process
The video shows a team of teachers Co-planning, Co-teaching and Co-debriefing a lesson to emphasise the mathematical process Reasoning and Proving. The adjusted lesson is also included.
Adjusted Lessons By Grade
Collaborative Learning: Gains in Gr.9 Math
Impact of a system-wide collaborative professional learning strategy. EQAO results at one high school showed dramatic improvements. Interviews with coordinators, administrators, teachers and students illustrate the need for a system-wide focus and will.
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Demonstration Classroom
This Digital Paper includes research, a description of a demonstration classroom, as well as a dynamic mind map/flowchart of the stages of the demonstration classroom cycle.
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Differentiated Instruction
This video features a teacher of a junior high class and focuses on how she differentiates instruction to meet the needs of students in her class. Video clips of the students and teacher in the class are included.
  • Facilitator’s Guide – DI Based on Readiness – MJ Hobbs
  • DI Math Guide 2009
Video  (6:27 min)

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Differentiating Instruction Videos and Professional Learning supports
This series of 16 videos in 4 sessions is designed to capture some highlights of a larger presentation on Differentiated Instruction in mathematics. Also included is a Facilitator’s Guide, the powerpoints and session outlines to assist facilitators in providing a Professional Learning Series on Differentiating Instruction.
Learning Series
DI Math Cards
These cards focus on the mathematical processes and provide a description of each process, ample questions, sample feedback and a discussion of the role of the student in the learning process.  Sets of cards are available free of charge through Student Success.
DI Math Cards
Disaggregating Data
This page includes video, powerpoints, spreadsheets and Tinkerplot files to demonstrate how you can disaggregate data to inform your decision making.
Disaggregating Data
Lesson Study
This Digital Paper includes research and a description of Lesson Study as well as a dynamic mind map/flowchart of the stages of the lesson study cycle.
Digital Paper
Mathematical Processes Introductory Video
This video is an introductory overview of the mathematical processes.
Video  22 M 
Mathematical Processes Package
This resource provides an overview of the mathematical processes, and provides suggestions about what students and teachers can do as they are teaching and learning about specific mathematical process while involved with learning course content, concepts and skills.
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Mathematical Processes Video
These videos provide a description and examples of the Role of the Student, Instructional Strategies, Sample Questions and Sample Feedback for 5 of the math processes.
Mathematical Processes Video
Sample Adjusted Lessons from TIPS4RM Emphasizing the Math Processes
Five TIPS4RM lessons for each of grades 7,8,9 Applied and 10 Applied have been adjusted. One lesson from each grade is designed to focus on 1 of the 5 processes: Reasoning and Proving, Reflecting, Selecting Tools and Computational Strategies, and Representing. The co-Planning and co-Teaching videos shows the planning and implementation of the Grade 9 Unit 4 Day 1 lesson emphasizing Reasoning and Proving.
Adjusted Lessons By Grade
Summary of Results and Strategies for Teachers 08/09
This 9 page resource created by EQAO show grade 9 Academic and Applied results over the past several years. Included are strategies that can be put into place to help improve student success on this Provincial Assessment.
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Teaching Through the Mathematical Processes 6 Part Series Video Clips and related Powerpoints
The video files show segments of 6 professional learning sessions with facilitator and participantsas they work together to learn and grow in their understanding of The Mathematical Processes. The Powerpoints are provided to aid the facilitator in leading this professional learning series.
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Using Data to Promote Student Success
This 12 page resource provided by EQAO is a brief guide to assist school Administrators in Interpreting their EQAO data.
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What does good math instruction look like? Teaching Though Problem Solving - 3 Part Lesson
This 5 part video series features a teacher of a Grade 9 academic class and his students. He discusses lesson goals for his 3-part lesson focused on teaching through problem solving, reflects about student learning and how they inform his instructional moves. Clips of classroom management are gathered together in the fourth of 5 segments.
Teaching Through Problem Solving