Planning Mathematics: Professional Knowledge

Leadership in Learning Communities

Promotes and participates in the creation of collaborative, safe and supportive learning communities

Arrow Bullet Use indicators and samples of evidence to identify your status, and take actions needed to create a collaborative,
     safe and supportive learning community in your classroom.

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Classroom Dynamics Examined through Checklists
This 3 page resource includes a checklist for teachers to help determine the strategies they have in place to establish positive classroom dynamics, and to identify elements they have not yet considered.
Word  203 K
Classroom Dynamics Examined through Self-Reflection
This 5 Page resource for teachers focuses on 3 key areas of Classroom Dynamics: Classroom Management, Classroom Set-up and Relationships. Each focus area contains a 3 column outline of Current Practice, Self Reflection and Action plan.
Word   244 K
Classroom Dynamics: Overview
This 1 page graphic organizer summarizes the components required for an effective learning environment.
Word  179 K
Classroom Dynamics Within Professional Learning Cycles
This 3 page resource connects the implementation of new classroom dynamic strategies to a Professional Learning Cycle of: “Plan, Act, Observe, Reflect”.
Word 126 K
Classroom Dynamics: Working with Critical Friends
This 5 page resource connects to the Coaching Cycle and could be used by teachers who may not be mathematics specialists but are teaching mathematics and want additional strategies to better meet the needs of a diverse classroom of students.
Word  224 K
Establishing Math Talk Learning Communities
Research synopsis to assist with movement forward along the trajectories with indicators and samples of evidence as a guide.
PDF  118 K
Managing Classroom Dynamics
This Professional Growth Chart identifies current and desired stages of managing classroom dynamics, allows teachers to position themselves on the chart and determine future directions for their personal growth.
PDF  74 K
Social Skills Anchor Charts
Anchor Charts can be developed together with the class to make thinking permanent and visible. They allow the class to clarify thinking, make connections, and/or remember a specific skill, strategy, or concept. These skills can be used throughout the year while doing group work/ cooperative activities. The charts can be kept and reviewed periodically, as needed.
PDF  350 K