Using Learning Tools and Technologies - Professional Practice

Uses appropriate resources and technology in planning for and responding to the needs of individual students and learning communities.

Arrow Bullet Familiarize yourself with CLIPS and SMART notebooks (for use with SMART Interactive White Board) by exploring
     targeted activities. Choose strategically from the resources and weave these into your instructional design to
     engage your students and to differentiate your instruction. 

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CLIPS (Critical Learning Instructional Paths Supports)
Web based, interactive supports developed for students. They provide precise, personalized learning activities for instruction, remediation or enrichment in a particular area of mathematics based on researched learning trajectories.

  • Navigating CLIPS

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Manipulative supports – videos and files
Tip sheets and video clips for using manipulatives in mathematics classrooms. Use to introduce manipulatives at all levels and provide suggestions and examples in practice.

  • Tips for Manipulative Use
  • Manipulatives Instructional Strategies


TIPS for Use
TIPS for Strategies
Math Interactive Whiteboard Lessons)
Lessons developed for various grades using the IWB TIPS template that include the 3 part lesson, student activity sheets and SMART notebook files.

Math Process Posters
Colourful classroom posters to provide students with information on the Mathematical Processes


Navigating CLIPS
A one-page diagram of CLIPS resources with suggestions for efficient use.
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