Using Learning Tools and Technologies - Professional Knowledge

Strives to be current in their professional knowledge and recognize its relationship to practice.

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Harnessing Web 2.0
Series of 6 videos featuring Will Richardson are of his keynote presentation “A Web of Connections”, given at the February 13th 2008 GAINS symposium.

  • Segment 1
  • Segment 2
  • Segment 3
  • Segment 4
  • Segment 5
  • Segment 6





Math Processes
Professional learning series for facilitators on teaching through the mathematical processes. Includes session outlines and resource masters.

  • Prof Learning Series            
  • Prof Learning Series            


Word 364 K
PDF 144 K

Mathematical Processes Posters
Colourful classroom posters to provide students with information on the Mathematical Processes.

These posters are available in French and English.


Overview of CLIPS wrapper and content
This narrated video overview of CLIPs provides a walk-through of the key features for navigating CLIPS. This includes a menu of the CLIPS that are completed and in the process of development.
Adobe Presenter  155 K
Research Context and Evidence
The Gap Closing Grade 6 Number Sense materials are research-affirmed tools that have been shown to close gaps in student learning as well as close gender gaps in Mathematics achievement.
PDF  116 K
Teaching TIPS for Teachers
This 21 page package is one of the resources included in TIPS4RM. It describes 19 different strategies and supports that you can use in the classroom to enhance learning. A few examples are:
  • Multiple Representations
  • Learning Skills tracking sheets
  • Journal Writing Prompts
  • Jigsaw
Technology Supports
This chart lists the Ministry licensed software available from your Board. Included is:
  • the format
  • a description
  • some information on how to use it
  • supports for professional use

To obtain copies of the software and passwords, contact your board.

Software Supports
Technology Supports - Applets
These are examples of technology ready materials for classroom use either directly by students or as a demonstration by the teacher.