Demonstrating Commitment to Equity:
   Commitment to students and student learning 

Treats students equitably and with respect and is sensitive to factors that influence individual student learning

Arrow Bullet Review the appropriate Differentiated Instruction and English Language Learner lessons and adapt and use as
     appropriate in your class to meet the learning needs of your students.

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Adapting TIPS for ELL
This package includes TIPS lesson for Grades 7 – 10 that have been adapted for English Language Learners. This research based resource contains models for adjustment of instruction for pairs, small groups or entire classes and ways of differentiating instruction and assessment for ELL so they can achieve literacy and math goals. Included are key messages, oral, visual scaffolding, instructional and assessment strategies.

DI Teaching Learning Examples Grades 7 – 10
These lessons demonstrate how you can differentiate instruction to meet the diverse needs of your students. These are designed in a 3 part lesson format and have related appendices that include rubrics, teacher notes and student work pages.

  • Grade 7 Data Management
  • Grade 8 Ratio and Proportion
  • Grade 9 Applied Linear Equations    
  • Grade 10 Applied Trigonometry
  • Grade 10 Applied Linear Systems


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PDF  &  Appendices  PDF
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PDF  & Appendices   PDF
PDF  & Appendices   PDF

ELL Initial Math Assessment
This assessment is only for teachers with responsibility for assessing English language learners new to Canada. This assessment is password protected. Password information has been provided to provincially funded, English language school boards in Ontario.
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