Demonstrating Commitment to Equity:
   Leadership in Learning Communities

Recognizes their shared responsibility and leadership role in facilitating student success

Arrow Bullet  Use, apply and share as appropriate the following resources:

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Big Ideas and Effective Questioning K-12: Proportional Reasoning
A K-12 instructional trajectory for proportional reasoning. Package includes sample open questions and parallel tasks for each panel (K-3, 4-6, 7-10, 11-12), suggested lesson sequences and implementation supports. Samples of student work and teacher-developed resources will be attached to this package after editing.
PDF  582 K
Gap Closing Resources
The Gap Closing materials are for students who are struggling in mathematics but not in other subjects. These resources are intended to target specific gaps and provide appropriate remediation to close the gap. These research-based resources are for individuals or small groups and are designed with open questions.
  • Junior / Intermediate Number Sense - English
  • Junior / Intermediate Number Sense - French
  • Intermediate / Senior
  • Gap Closing J/I Evidence – November 2011
  • Gap Closing I/S Evidence – November 2011
  • Principal as Math Leader
  • Research Context and Evidence

Number Sense - English

Number Sense – French
Number Sense and Algebra – English
PDF 340 K
PDF 345 K
PDF   77 K
PDF  116 K

Family & Community Connections
These presentations may be used with parents to explaining the direction of current instruction in mathematics and how parents can support their children.
Family and Community
Posters for Teachers (from TIPS)
These 4 reproducible posters are to inform and provoke teachers’ thinking about mathematics instruction.
PDF  103 K
Posters for Classroom (From TIPS)
These 11 reproducible posters are to inform and provoke students’ thinking about mathematics, problem solving and their own learning.

PDF  438 K

TIPS Continuum Connections Grade 7 through Grade 10
These content-based packages from TIPS4RM include problems with solutions connected to the Mathematical Processes; make connections across the grades for linking with other strands, with instructional strategies; include problems with multiple solutions as appropriate for students in different grades; position significant mathematical themes in a larger context.

Position significant mathematical themes in a larger context.

  • Big Ideas and Proportional Reasoning K-12
  • Fractions
  • Integers
  • Patterning to Algebraic Modelling
  • Perimeter, Area, and Volume
  • Proportional Reasoning
  • Solving Equations and Using Variables as Placeholders

PDF  567 K
PDF  675 K
PDF  646 K
PDF  810 K
PDF  1.4 M
PDF  3.1 M
PDF  1.5 M

TIPS for Teachers (From TIPS)
This 21 page document provides many supports for teachers including Social Skills Anchor Charts, Literacy Strategies for the Math Classroom, EQAO Formula Sheets and more.
PDF  6 M