Assessing and Evaluating - Professional Practice

Uses appropriate assessment and evaluation in planning for and responding to the needs of individual students and learning communities

Arrow Bullet  Select or adapt ready-made authentic summative assessment tasks, including activities, resources and supports, apply rubrics to assess the Math Processes and build knowledge of assessment for learning.

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ELL Initial Math Assessment
This assessment is only for teachers with responsibility for assessing English language learners new to Canada. This assessment is password protected. Password information has been provided to provincially funded, English language school boards in Ontario.
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Generic Rubric for Mathematical Processes)
Generic rubrics for each of the Mathematical Processes, to be customized appropriately for specific assessment tasks.
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EQAO Supports
This page provides frameworks, sample questions, strategies and other supports for the EQAO Grade 9 Mathematics assessments.
EQAO Supports
Summative Assessment Tasks
Grade-level pre-planned authentic summative assessment tasks that include student activity sheets and rubrics to assess the mathematical processes:
  • Summative Tasks Grade 7
  • Summative Tasks Grade 8
  • Summative Tasks Grade 9 Applied
  • Summative Tasks Grade 10 Applied


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