Assessing and Evaluating - Professional Knowledge

Understands and reflects on learning theory, and educational research

Arrow Bullet Review and reflect on the following frameworks and videos to assess and improve effective mathematics teaching

Description Link
Administrator Look-Fors for Effective Mathematics Instruction
A set of look-fors to identify elements of an effective mathematics program. May be used as part of a professional growth plan or to set directions for a school’s mathematics program.
PDF 31 K
Evidence of Math Talk Learning Community: Action Trajectory for Teacher and Student
This 3 page research synopsis of a Math Talk Learning Community includes an action trajectory to identify evidence of a Math-Talk Learning Community for Teachers and Students.
PDF  118 K
Framework for Effective Teaching and Learning using Interactive Whiteboards
The framework includes research and has video clips of teachers and students using the IWB as well as accompanying lesson plans and notebook files.
Guide for Administrators and Facilitators of Teachers’ Learning for Mathematics
This 4 page guide provides a framework to inform implementation of effective mathematics classroom practices. Included are six broad organizers – Equity, Curriculum, Learning, Assessment and Evaluation, Learning Tools and Teaching. As ‘agents of change,’ administrators and leaders can use this guide:

     • as a framework for classroom observation
     • to assist teachers in developing an individual action plan for growth, and
     • to develop an agenda for action with a department, division or school.
PDF 43 K
Managing Group Dynamics in Classrooms and Schools: Professional Growth Chart
This Professional Growth Chart is a unique way to describe and understand teacher skill development in managing group dynamics in a classroom or school setting. It is different than the typical classroom management rubric in that It frames skill development as a series of stages of growth.
PDF 74 K
What Good Math Instruction Looks Like
This video shows and describes how good mathematics classrooms today might look like and sound like.
 Video  2 min