Using Data: Setting Directions

Works within the board and across school communities to translate the vision into agreed objectives and operational plans which promote and sustain school improvement.

Review and understand the value of data and making connections to promoting and sustaining board and school improvement.

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Disaggregating Data
These videos, PowerPoints, spreadsheets and Tinker Plot files explicitly explain the how and why of disaggregating data, including its use as a basis for decision making.
Disaggregating Data
ELL Math Assessment
Mathematics placement assessments for ELL students. These are the actual assessments and should only be used by educators to provide appropriate placements for new ELL students. Do not share with parents.
Summary of Results and Strategies for Teachers 09/10
This 9 page resource created by EQAO shows grade 9 Academic and Applied results over the past several years. Included are strategies that can be put into place to help improve student success on this Provincial Assessment.
PDF 385K
Using Data to Promote Student Success 
This 12 page resource provided by EQAO is a brief guide to assist school Administrators in Interpreting their EQAO data.
PDF 121K