Promoting Collaborative Learning Cultures:
     Leading the Instructional Program

Develops professional learning communities to support school improvement.

Understand connections between various types of professional learning actions and interactions and focus of work [See Overview – Actions and Interactions, below]. Provide opportunity for Professional Learning Activities for teachers to work towards problem solving (e.g. summative assessment, classroom dynamics issues), and to view and discuss excellence and innovation around the province, in order to support board and school improvement.

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Innovations by Boards
Regularly-updated examples of how boards in Ontario are implementing Ministry policy and the impact on student achievement.
Groups wishing to use these items for professional learning activities may want to refer to the View and Discuss Template for each item.
Innovations by Boards
Overview - Actions and Interactions  
This 2 page document adapted from: Designing Professional Development for Teachers of Science and Mathematics, Susan Loucks-Horsley et al, 2003, outlines 20 different Professional Learning models and is intended to assist administrators in providing varied and appropriate professional learning for their staff.
Summative Assessment Tasks
Outlines of authentic summative tasks for Grades 7 - 10 to illustrate how teachers might assess student achievement of key skills and concepts.

Grade 7  
Grade 8  
Grade 9 Applied  
Grade 10 Applied  

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