Promoting Collaborative Learning Cultures:
     Developing the Organization

Builds a collaborative learning culture within the board and fosters the same in schools..

Incorporate appropriate aspects of these resources in the Board Improvement Plan, with an emphasis on Coaching for Math GAINS. Make available to staff related Professional Learning Opportunities.

Description Link
Cathy Fosnot Interview
Cathy Fosnot shares her thinking about co-teaching and math coaching during this interview with a math consultant.
Video (9:47 min)
Classroom Dynamics Examined through Checklists
This 3 page resource includes a checklist for teachers to help determine the strategies they have in place to establish positive classroom dynamics, and to identify elements they have not yet considered.
Word 203 K
Classroom Dynamics Examined through Self-Reflection
This 5 Page resource for teachers focuses on 3 key areas of Classroom Dynamics: Classroom Management; Classroom Set-up; and Relationships. Each focus area contains a 3 column outline of Current Practice, Self Reflection and Action plan.                   
Word 244 K
Classroom Dynamics: Overview
This 1 page graphic organizer summarizes the components that support an effective learning environment.
Word 179 K
Classroom Dynamics Within Professional Learning Cycles,
This 3 page resource connects the implementation of new classroom dynamic strategies to a Professional Learning Cycle of: “Plan, Act, Observe, Reflect”.
Word 126 K
Classroom Dynamics: Working with Critical Friends
This 5 page resource connects to the Coaching Cycle and could be used with  teachers who are not mathematics specialists but are teaching mathematics and want additional strategies to better meet the needs of a diverse classroom of students, as well as math specialists.
Word 224 K
Classroom Management / Dynamics 
These resources for teachers focus on classroom management and the development of students’ social skills.

Managing Classroom Dynamics Professional Growth Chart 

Social Skills Anchor Charts

  74 K

  350 K
Coaching for Math GAINS
These resources include: Professional Learning for Mathematics Leaders and Coaches – resources, powerpoints, handouts and action plans.
09-10 Professional Learning Series

08-09 Coaching for Math GAINS

Coaching Templates and Frameworks
These templates support coaches and facilitators in changing classroom practice, including the Coaching Cycle, Posing Powerful Questions Template, TIPS Template and Instruction, etc.  
Templates and Frameworks
Developing Math Coaches
Each link provides examples or supports for developing and supporting coaches.
Developing Math Coaches
Mathematics Coaching Actions Flowchart
This flowchart shows an effective coaching cycle that can be used within a school or between schools as educators work together to build effective learning communities.
Word  100 K

Math Processes
Professional learning series for facilitators on teaching through the mathematical processes. Includes session outlines and resource masters.

Professional Learning Series  I

Professional Learning Series  II  



Word 364 K

PDF 144 K
Professional Learning Models: Digital Papers
Digital Research Papers are an exciting and concise way to provide educators with connections between research and practice.

Demonstration Classroom Digital Research Paper

Learning Through Effective Questioning

Lesson Study Digital Research Paper                              
Digital Paper

Professional Learning Opportunities for Teachers
Examples of different models of Professional Learning for teachers are shown, described and discussed.

Digital Research Paper: Lesson Study

Digital Research Paper
Learning Through Effective Questioning
Demonstration Classroom

Renfrew County DSB

2008-09 Math GAINS
Collaborative Assessment 

Mathematics Demonstration Classroom 

Professional Learning Menu

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Two Day Provincial Coaching In-service
This 2 day Professional Learning Series is designed to provide new coaches with the basics of becoming a mathematics coach. Included are handouts, PowerPoints, videos, etc.
Two Day Provincial Coaching Inservice