Aligning Resources with Priorities: Setting Directions

Ensures creativity, innovation and the use of appropriate technologies to achieve excellence.

Provide schools with access to these classroom-ready resources, and professional learning supports, and ask Principals
how they are being used/adapted

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CLIPS (Critical Learning Instructional Paths Supports) are web-based interactive supports for students. They provide precise, personalized learning activities for instruction, remediation or enrichment. A complete list of CLIPS topics is shown under "Critical Learning Instructional Paths Supports".

Critical Learning Paths Supports

Digital research paper of effective questioning Digital Paper
Framework for Effective Teaching and Learning using Interactive Whiteboards
The Trent Mathematics Education Research Collaborative does research into mathematics education.  The framework includes research and has video clips of teachers and students using the IWB as well as accompanying lesson plans and notebook files.

Geometer’s Sketchpad: How to use this Resource
These links provide activities that can be used by teachers or students to learn how to use Geometer’s Sketchpad.

  • Triskate Tutorial 1
  • Triskate Tutorial 2
  • Triskate Tutorial 3
  • GSP Resources  

    658 K
GSP    402 K
GSP    249 K
Word     49 K

Harnessing Web 2.0
Will Richardson's keynote presentation at the 2008 'Making GAINS' symposium.

  • Segment 1
  • Segment 2 
  • Segment 3
  • Segment 4
  • Segment 5
  • Segment 6 


IWB TIPS: Math Interactive Whiteboard Lessons
Included on the web page are:  a notebook file with information on how to make TIPS IWB lessons, as well as many samples of pre-made math lessons being used for instruction for grades 7 - 10.


Manipulatives supports – videos and files
Tip sheets and video clips for using manipulatives in mathematics classrooms. Use to introduce manipulatives at all levels and provide suggestions and examples in practice.

  • Tips for Manipulative Use
  • Manipulatives Instructional Strategies 

TIPS for Use
TIPS for Strategies

Technology Supports
These are examples of classroom-ready materials using technologies such as Geometers' Sketchpad.


Software Supports
This table provides access to supports for Ministry-licensed software.
To obtain copies of the software and passwords, contact your Board OESS representative.
Ministry Software Supports