Aligning Resources with Priorities: Securing Accountability

Makes connections to ministry goals to strengthen commitment to board improvement efforts.

Incorporate appropriate aspects of these resources in the Board Improvement Plan, and share resources with staff to demonstrate how the achievement of ministry goals is related to classroom activities.

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Adjusted TIPS Lessons by Grade: Directed Teaching Through Math Processes
These adjusted TIPS4 RM lessons, 5 for each of grades 7 – 10, model how lessons can be adjusted to focus more fully on 5 of the mathematical processes: Reasoning and Proving, Reflecting, Selecting Tools and Computational strategies, Connecting, and Representing.
TIPS Adjusted Lessons
Effective Questioning
This page includes links to teacher professional learning and resources for the classroom to help with effective questioning.
Effective Questioning
Generic Rubric for Mathematical Processes 
This rubric can be used to assess students as they grow in the learning of the mathematical processes, as it connects to conceptual understanding and procedural knowledge.
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Math CAMPPP 2010
Each page contains presentations, TIPS templates of sessions and Black Line Masters used during Math CAMPPP 2010. These can be used for self learning, to present to others, or for teacher learning.
Mathematical Processes Series: Professional Learning Series
This 6 session Professional Learning Series includes guides, ppts, videos, activities etc. for a complete program on teaching through the math processes.
Professional Learning Series: Mathematical Processes
Math Transitions: Questioning Across the Grades- Halton DSB
Gains in student achievement using questioning across the grade 8 to grade 9 transition.                                
Adobe Presenter

Questioning Articulation (rationale for focus on questioning)
This 4 page document describes the rationale for a focus on questioning in order to support changes in math education that are both significant and profound.
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Sample Board, School, and Classroom SMART Goals
Sample SMART Goals to help teachers plan their units, to help Principals with their annual school improvement plans, and to help boards complete their Board Improvement Plans.
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Teaching through Problem Solving
This Professional Learning activity includes a Facilitators Guide and video of a teacher discussing their experience of teaching through problem solving, as well a video of the class with the teaching during the learning activity.
Teaching through Problem Solving
Teaching through the Mathematical Processes
These supports and examples are for professional learning on teaching through the Mathematical Processes. Included are adjusted lessons by grade and process, rubrics, posters, videos, and other resources.
Teaching through the Mathematical Processes