Professional Learning

Self-Directed Professional Learning Quickview
Adobe Connect Users Guide
This step by step guide will provide you with an opportunity to review and experience some of the key features of Adobe Connect so you will have success during an Adobe Connect meeting.
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Cathy Fosnot Interview
A videotaped interview with Cathy Fosnot about math Coaching for coaches and teachers of mathematics.
FLV  9:46 min
Classroom Instructional Strategies
Videos and descriptions for math teachers of 18 different manipulatives (e.g., Algebra tiles, elastic metre) and strategies (e.g., zero principle, ways to determine a square) provide explicit support for understanding and using these strategies.
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Differentiated Instruction
Math Process cards for math teachers: Cards for each Mathematical Process provide sample questions, sample feedback and information on the role of students. 
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eWorkshop: Kindergarten to Grade 6 Resources
Resource for elementary teachers includes modules on Literacy and Numeracy with videos of teachers in action, activity sheets, lesson plans and more. 
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Harnessing Web 2.0
This series of 6 videos  of Will Richardson's keynote presentation at the 2008 'Making GAINS' symposium connects Web 2.0 and ecucation.
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Professional Learning Guides
These 12 professional learning guides for teachers provide suggestions on how to move from research to classroom practice, and a template for teacher reflection and action.
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Professional Learning Modules
Digital Research Papers for math educators on different topics (e.g., Lesson Study) that concisely make connections between research and practice.
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Teaching through the Mathematical Processes
Supports and examples for professional learning on teaching through the Mathematical Processes.

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Facilitated Professional Learning
Differentiated Instruction Series
Supports for professional learning in the area of Differentiated Instruction include DI Math guide, Facilitator’s Guide, DI based on readiness, and more.
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Disaggregating Data Series
Extensive supports for professional learning in Disaggregating Data includes videos, example spreadsheets, Tinker Plot files, examples using OSSLT and EQAO math data, and more.
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Mathematical Processes Series
Mathematical Processes Professional Learning Series consists of 6 sessions and includes PTTs, scripts, handouts and video snips of plenary speakers presenting material to participants.
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Facilitating Professional Learning
Professional learning leaders attended a learning session about the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required in the role of professional learning facilitator.  The power point presentation and handout are available here.
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Teaching through Problem Solving
Shawn Perry, York Region DSB, who is a demonstration teacher 2006 – 09, discusses Grade 9 lesson goals for his 3-part lesson focused on teaching through problem solving, invites you into his classroom, and discusses his reflections about student learning and how they inform his instructional moves. Clips of classroom management are gathered together in the fourth of 5 segments.
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