Ministry Supported Software Supports

This table provides access to supports for Ministry-licensed software.
To obtain copies of the software and passwords, contact your Board OSAPAC representative.

Software How to use this Resource Supports for Classroom Use
Community Health Survey
Beyond 20/20 interface tutorials
Fathom2 Web Resources Advanced Fathom Sims

Quadratic Regression
Sketchpad *
* For teachers, click <here> to sign up for a free three year subscription to Sketchpad LessonLink.
Triskate Tutorials

GSP Resources
Dynamic Geometry

Transformational Geometry


The purpose of Gizmos

Using the Exploration Guide & Assessment Questions

Using Gizmos in Different Settings

Curriculum correlations chart

Teaching With Gizmos
Using SMART Ideas SMART Ideas and Math


For further information on obtaining Ministry-licensed software please go to