Effective Questioning

Effective questioning to differentiate instruction at the concept development stage based on student readiness is a provincial focus.

Math CAMPPP 2010 Leadership Breakout

All BLMs are included in TIPS Templates

Day 1  
   Presentation PPT    1.6 M  
   TIPS Template Word    10.7 M  
Day 2  
   Presentation A PPT    2.4 M  
   TIPS Template A Word    168 K  
   Presentation B PPT    1.9 M  
   TIPS Template B Word    799 K  
   Presentation C PPT    2.4 M  
   TIPS Template C Word    582 K  
   Board Grade 6 – 9 OSSLT Tinker Plots    418 K  
   EQAO 9P Winter 05/06 Blank Tinker Plots    64 K  
   Stephen Covey Goal Video Web Site  
   NCSM PRIME Leadership Framework Web Site  
   Edward Tufte Web Site  
   Research Article – Double Cohort – Alan King’s Report Web Site  
Day 3  
   Presentation A PPT     548 K  
   TIPS Template A Word    46 K  
   Presentation B PPT    2.5 M  
   TIPS Template B Word    618 K  
   Presentation C PPT    1.3 M  
   TIPS Template C Word    49 K  
   Additional Resource  
   Instructional Rounds in Education Web Site  
Day 4  
   Presentation PPT    864 K  
   Presentation – Data Wall Consolidation PPT    780 K  
   TIPS Template A Word    80 K  
   TIPS Template B Word    43 K  
   TIPS Template C Word    40 K  
Additional Resources  
   How to Change 5000 Schools: A Practical and Positive Approach
   for Leading Change at Every Level.
Web Site