Effective Questioning

Effective questioning to differentiate instruction at the concept development stage based on student readiness is a provincial focus.

Math CAMPPP 2010 Grades 7 - 8 Breakout

Sessions and Handouts
Day 1  
   Presentation PPT    381 K  
   TIPS Template Word    1 M  
   Coaching Cycle Word    83 K  
Day 2  
   Presentation A PPT    430 K  
   TIPS Template A Word    696 K  
   Presentation B PPT    535 K  
   TIPS Template B Word    3 M  
   Presentation C PPT    329 K  
   TIPS Template C Word   1.8 M  
   Characteristics of Effective Lesson Goals Word   28 K  
Day 3  
   Presentation A PPT      356 K  
   TIPS Template A Word    3.4 M  
   Presentation B & C PPT      339 K  
   TIPS Template B & C Word    46 K  
   3C Parallel Tasks Word   115 K  
   Pizza Ratio Parallel Problem Word   29 K  
   Fruit Juice Rate Parallel Problem Word    31 K  
   Painting the Porch Problem Word    82 K  
   Peer Feedback Ground Rules Word    33 K  
Day 4  
   Presentation A PPT      365 K  
   TIPS Template A Word    355 K  
   Presentation B PPT      413 K  
   TIPS Template B Word    356 K  
   Presentation C PPT      377 K  
   TIPS Template C Word    1 M  
   Anchor Charts Word    25 K  
   Intermediate Picture Books Word    37 K  
   Making Sense of Division of Fractions Word    81 K  
   Making Sense of Operations with Fractions Word    77 K  
   Mental Strategies for Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Word    198 K  
Artifacts of Learning  
   Better Buy Parallel Problem Solutions Word    19 M  
   Cereal Bar Problem Solutions Word    19 M  
   Five Fractions Solutions Word    995 K  
   Frayer Model Day 1 Word    10 M  
   Learning Environment Word    9.9 M  
   Painting Porch Problem Solutions Word    14.6 M  
   Posted Session Goals Word    19 M  
   Session 3B Reflection Questions Word    14.9 M  
   Weeklong Learning – Graphical Representations Word    14.8 M