Effective Questioning

Effective questioning to differentiate instruction at the concept development stage based on student readiness  is a provincial focus.

Math CAMPPP 2010 Grade 3 - 6 Breakout

Sessions and Handouts
Day 1  
   Presentation PPT    351 K  
   Name Tag Glyph Word    30 K  
Day 2  
   Presentation A PPT    666 K  
   Presentation B PPT    224 K  
   Presentation C PPT   653 K  
Day 3  
   Presentation A PPT    608 K  
   Presentation B PPT    499 K  
   Presentation C PPT    613 K  
   Parallel Task Samples Word    35 K  
   Planner Parallel Tasks Word    26 K  
Day 4  
   Presentation A PPT    374 K  
   Presentation B PPT    372 K  
   Presentation C PPT    478 K  
   Planner – Open Questions Word    24 K  
   There’s a Problem at Math CAMPPP    Song Word    30 K