Effective Questioning

Effective questioning to differentiate instruction at the concept development stage based on student readiness is a provincial focus.

Effective Questioning ZIP      { Help }
Adapting an Existing Lesson using an Open Question to Support Split Grades PDF 275 K      Word  1.6 M  
Big Ideas and Questioning: Proportional Reasoning K - 12 PDF 582 K  
DI Math Processes Cards Web Page  
Journal Writing Prompts     PDF 871 K  
Learning Through Effective Questioning Digital Research Paper (2011) Digital Paper  
Math CAMPPP 2010  
      Plenary Web Page  
      K – 2 Web Page  
      3 - 6 Web Page  
      7 – 8 Web Page  
      9 – 10 Web Page  
      11 – 12 Web Page  
      Leadership Web Page  
Posing Powerful Questions Template    Word  1.6 M  
Posing Powerful Questions: Formative Feedback          Word  1.6 M  
Questioning across the Grades - Halton DSB  Adobe Presenter  12:27 min ZIP  103 M
Questioning Articulation       Word  68 K  
Questioning focus across subjects and across grades Adobe Presenter  12:24 min ZIP   49 M
Student Success Summer Program 2011 Mathematics Web Page