Differentiated Instruction

Cards for each Mathematical Process provide sample questions, sample feedback and information on the role of students.

Differentiated Instruction Cards
DI Math Processes Cards – Problem Solving PDF     59 K  
DI Math Processes Cards – 8.5X11 8.5 x 11 card  
DI Math Processes Tent Cards      PDF  177 K  

Classroom Examples of Differentiated Instruction MP4 Download   { Help }   
School / Region Video DI Focus DI Products
Centennial SS Quickview:
FLV 8:41 min

MP4   146 M
Learning Preferences:

 - Learning Centres
Three Part Lesson Plan:

 • Three D Measurement Review
 • Learning Centre Instructions: People, Data and
   Things Centre
 • Inventory: People, Data, Things: Destination
   2020, p.25
Delta SS Quickview:
FLV 3:17 min

MP4    55 M

 - Tiering
Ratio and Proportion Sample Questions:

 • Sample Exit Cards
St Joseph-Scollard Hall CSS Quickview:
FLV 1:54 min

MP4    31 M

 - Exit Card
Top Ten Differentiate Instruction Strategies:

Exit Card
St. Mary's SS Quickview:
FLV 12:23 min
MP4   209 M

 - Tiering
 - Self-assessment
Slide Presentation:

 •Traffic Light Strategy and suggestions for use
Our Lady of Lourdes CSS Quickview:
FLV 7:23 min

MP4   125 M
Learning Preferences & Readiness:

 - Tiering
 - Choice of group size

Exit Card Activity and Student Response: