Developing Math Coaching

Examples and supports for developing and supporting coaches.

Developing Math Coaches   ZIP      { Help }
Overview of Developing Coaching Practices Adobe Presenter      6:45 min ZIP   30 M
CIIM Case Studies PDF                            43 K  
Coaching for Math GAINS Resource List PDF                            34 K  
Content Coaching: An Interview with Lucy West Adobe Presenter        48 min ZIP    8 M  
Developing Coaching Practices for Math GAINS Handbook PDF                          573 K  
Mathematics Coaching Actions Flowchart    Word                        100 K  
Math Coaching – One Board’s Journey Adobe Presenter    6:48 min ZIP   12 M  
Supports for Math GAINS Professional Learning PDF                           38 K  
Video to accompany the slide presentations Video  

Content and video for the Introductory Coaching Institutes.

Two Day Provincial Coaching Inservice
Developing Coaching Practices-- Handout package Word                     713 K  
Part 1: Coaching Attributes PowerPoint          2.7 M  
Part 2: Lesson Examples and Coaching Moves PowerPoint         591 K  
Part 3: Changing Practice: Dilemmas, Challenges, Supports PowerPoint           10 M  
Video to accompany the slide presentations Video