2008-2009 Coaching for Math GAINS

Through a $7M investment in its 2008-09 Coaching for Math GAINS initiative, the Ministry signaled the importance of focusing on instructional practices in mathematics through job-embedded professional learning support. A team of provincial-level coaches worked with educators across the province to implement this coaching initiative by developing and delivering just-in-time training and support.

2008-09 Coaching for Math GAINS  
Board Agendas for Action
- one-page synopses of board's agendas
Synopses or Boards
Summary of Board Action Plans & Survey Monkey Responses     PowerPoint     543K  
Coaching for Math GAINS Symposium January 27th 2009  
Coaching for Math GAINS –Details of the 2008-09 Project     PowerPoint    531 K  
Coaching for Math GAINS - Key Messages PowerPoint    765 K  
Coaching Supports     PowerPoint    6 M  
 Sample Coaching Models     PowerPoint    418 K  
 Sharing Models and Approaches      PowerPoint    606 K