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Adobe Connect 8 – Adobe Connect Users Guide PDF
CLIPS (Critical Learning Instructional Paths Supports) are web-based interactive opportunities for instruction, assessment, additional support or enrichment across grade bands. These instructional trajectories focus on key mathematical concepts.
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Digital Resources for Mathematics Web Page

Gap Closing ePractice
ePractice activities are interactive web-based opportunities for students to build confidence in their understanding of concepts and skills. Each activity aligns with a particular Gap Closing lesson.  This release focuses on Representing Fractions for the Junior and Intermediate Divisions. Additional activities are being developed.
  Gap Closing ePractice
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Some mobile devices do not support resources created in Flash. A Flash Browser from the App Store or Play store is needed to access this content.  While there are many options, the Puffin Academy App enables access to ePractice as well as mathies and CLIPS.
Hints for using Puffin Academy
Connecting Classrooms with Technology – Simcoe County DSB Adobe

Manipulative Use
Information to guide teachers in the management and appropriate instructional use of a variety of manipulatives, includes a video overview and handouts describing tips for use and sample classroom activities.
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Mathies Ruler
Available to order < How to Order > through Service Ontario, Publication #233353.

Software Supports
This table provides an overview of the software the Ministry of Education has licensed for use in the schools.
For further information on obtaining Ministry-licensed software please go to
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Technology in the Mathematics Classroom: Harnessing the Power of the Interactive White Board (March 2012) PDF

Technology Support: Applets
Ready-made Geometer’s Sketchpad files, activity handouts and PowerPoint presentations may be downloaded to support units in a variety of mathematics courses.  Overview and how-to videos are provided for many of these activities.
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TIPS Interactive Whiteboard
Sample TIPS 3-part lessons developed for use with interactive whiteboards may be downloaded to support units for Grade 7 through Grade 12.  Lessons are available as reproducible handouts and Notebook files.
TIPS Interactive Whiteboard +

Download {Help
- Grade 7 -
Notebook - Describing Relationships PDF
- Grade 8 -  
Notebook - Describing Relationships   PDF
Notebook - Discovery of Pi  PDF
Notebook - Linear Growing Patterns PDF
- Grade 9 Applied -  
Notebook - First Differences         PDF
Notebook - Linear and Non-Linear Relationships     PDF
Notebook  - Modeling Linear Relations     PDF
Perimeter and Area of Composite Shapes      PDF
Notebook – Day 1, Explore the Lake      
Notebook – Day 2, Build It Up, Break It Down      
Notebook – Day 3, Working with Complex Shapes      
Notebook – Day 4, Which is Larger?      
Notebook - Proportional Reasoning – Maple Syrup     PDF
Notebook - Volume of 3-D Shapes     PDF
Notebook - Working with Algebraic Expressions     PDF
- Grade 9 Academic -  
Notebook - Modeling Linear Relations PDF
- Grade 10 -  
2D Quadratic Functions     PDF
Notebook - 2DQuadraticSurvey      
Notebook - 2DQuadraticsActivity       
- Templates -  
Notebook - How to make TIPS Interactive Whiteboard lessons  

NOTE: Safari and Internet Explorer may download Notebook files incorrectly.
  Please try one of these options:
  1. Use the Firefox browser to download Notebook files.


  2. In Internet Explorer/Safari, right click (CTRL-click on MAC) on the link and choose "download link as" or "save link as"  or "save target as". You may also need to add ".notebook" to the filename after it is downloaded.