Grade 12 / MDM4U

The Ontario Curriculum
Grades 11 - 12 Mathematics
The Ontario Curriculum Grades 11 - 12 Mathematics PDF

TIPS4RM (TIPS for Revised Mathematics)
Three-part lesson plans and supports for Grade 12 MDM4U developed by or supported by the Ministry of Education.
TIPS4RM (TIPS for Revised Mathematics) +

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Introduction to MDM 4U    
Introductory Materials
This document is an introduction to MDM4U, Writing Team members, Course Notes, and Unit Outlines
MDM4U Overview 
This document is a Course Overview and Unit outlines
Year at Glance / Unit Outlines
This document is MDM4U Year at a Glance document and Unit   Outlines
MDM4U Project Brainstorm Topics - IPR
This document is a SMART Ideas file - starter for brainstorming about possible projects
Introductory Files
ZIP archive of Introduction to MDM4U and Year At Glance/Unit Outlines
Ministry Files
ZIP archive of DRAFT files from Ministry Team
Unit Lesson Plans    
Ministry Team Unit 1    
Overview and Lessons PDF DOC
Probability - Lesson Plans for selected days of unit, including black  line masters PDF DOC
Supports Files for Unit 1 PDF DOC
Day 3 NOTEBOOK Counting Story  - Exemplar of a Counting Story (3 pigs)    
Day 3 PPT Counting Story  - Exemplar of a Counting Story (3 pigs)    
Ministry Team Unit 2    
Overview and Lessons PDF DOC
Ministry Team Unit 3    
Overview and Lessons PDF DOC
Statistics - Lesson Plans for selected days of unit on stats including blackline masters PDF DOC
Summative Task - Statistics Summative Task - (Assessing Validity) - m.o.*    
Supports Files for Unit 3 PDF DOC
Day 11 Body Mass Index - Two variable data file Diabetes - XLS    
Ministry Team Unit 4    
Overview and Lessons PDF DOC
Probability - Lesson Plans for selected days of unit on probability including blackline masters  and powerpoint PDF DOC
Support Files for Unit 4    
Day 5 PPT Binomial Distribution    
Ministry Team Unit 5    
Overview and Lessons PDF DOC
Probability Distributions - Lesson Plans for selected days of unit on probability distributions including movies, fathom file, and applet PDF DOC
Supports Files for Unit 5    
Day 1 Intro Movie   MP4
Day 1 Lesson slideshow   MP4
Day 3 Data set - Fathom data set -    
Final Project - Additional support material - summative task - m.o.*    
m.o.* - files are available to OAME members at (website)    

OERB Interactive Math Activity Summaries K - 12
Summaries located on include a description, picture and Resource ID (eg., ELO1414330) for each activity arranged by strand or secondary course.  These activities provide students an opportunity to practise and build understanding of mathematical concepts and skills.
Note: Copy the Resource ID from the summaries into the Search Bar of the Ontario Educational Resource Bank using your school board login and password or through the Virtual Learning Environment (vLE).

Continuum & Connections
Each resource outlines the learning trajectory across the grades for a specific mathematical topic with suggested instructional strategies and samples of student tasks.
    Proportional Reasoning

Mathematical Processes Package
Suggestions for role of student, instructional strategies, questions and feedback are included for each of the seven mathematical processes.

Posters for the Classroom
Mathematical Processes Posters
These posters provide prompts to help students understand the Mathematical Processes.
TIPS Posters
These posters have prompts to promote student thinking and communicating. 
Web Page
Think Literacy Subject Specific Examples – Mathematics, Grades 10 – 12 (2005)
This resource provides literacy strategies to use in mathematics teaching and learning.  It is based on Think Literacy, which includes lesson plans, videos and other teacher resources for students in
grades 7 – 12.
TIPS Template
3-part lesson planning template, with instructions.
TIPS Annotated Template
An annotated TIPS template to assist in lesson planning.
Online Resources  
Normal Distribution Calculator
Java Applet opens up in pop up window  (allow, and resize) to create  graphical calculator for normal   distributions     (allows user to customize values) (updated: 2007/10/24)
Web Page