CLIPS: Critical Learning Paths Supports

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CLIPS (Critical Learning Instructional Paths Supports) are web-based interactive opportunities for instruction, assessment, additional support or enrichment across grade bands. These instructional trajectories focus on key mathematical concepts. CLIPS
Accessing CLIPS on a Mobile Device
Some mobile devices do not support resources created in Flash. A Flash Browser from the App Store or Play store is needed to access this content.  While there are many options, the Puffin Academy App enables access to CLIPS as well as mathies and ePractice.
Hints for using Puffin Academy
Accessing GSP sketches on an iPad
Sketchpad Explorer is a free iPad app that allows the user to interact with sketches created in The Geometer’s Sketchpad ™ (GSP). Sketches can be loaded onto an iPad using iTunes File Sharing or a file sharing service like Dropbox.  All of the GSP activities within CLIPS have been updated to GSP5 so that they can now be used within Sketchpad Explorer (see help).  CLIPS sketches can easily be downloaded using Puffin Academy.

Overview and Navigation
CLIPS Virtual Tour 
This 20 minute tour provides an overview of how to access and  use CLIPS.

CLIPS Virtual Tour  Adobe Presenter ZIP
Interactive Electronic Tools
These tools are used to discover or reinforce key concepts in  mathematics through  exploration. Access these tools through the tool icon within CLIPS.
Interactive Electronic Tools   Web Page
Using the Interactive Electronic Tools
Each tour provides an overview of how to access and use:
•  Exploring Different Representations.
Using the Interactive Electronic Tools   MP4

Navigating CLIPS
Refer to this navigation map to understand the icons on the CLIPS site.
Navigating CLIPS   PDF
Teachers Want to Know
A tip sheet for teachers to support instruction and assessment practices that improve  mathematics achievement.