Effective Questioning

Asking Effective Questions in Mathematics (July 2011)
Learning Through Effective Questioning Digital Research Paper (2011)  

Digital Paper

TIPS Posing Powerful Questions
These documents are TIPS lessons with a focus on effective questioning, using both the TIPS template and the Posing Powerful Questions template.
TIPS Posing Powerful Questions +

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Grade 9 MPM1D
Optimizing Volume for Given Surface Area
Grade 11 MCR3U
Transformations of y = sin(x)
Grade 12 MCV4U
Intersection of Planes
PPQ (Posing Powerful Questions) Template
A template focusing on effective questioning that may be used in conjunction with the TIPS template
PPQ (Posing Powerful Questions): Formative Feedback   DOC
TIPS Template
Editable 3-part lesson planning template, with instructions.
TIPS Annotated Template
An annotated TIPS template to assist in lesson planning

Student Success Summer Program Posing - Powerful Questions PPQ

Facilitator's Notes   DOC  
Handouts and Supporting Files    
Gr 7 & 8 – Fraction Operations    

TIPS – Operations with Fractions   PDF
PPQ – Operations with Fractions   DOC
Gr 7 – Student Work   PDF
Gr 8 - Student Work   PDF

     Gr 7 & 8 – Percent

Percent Strategies   PPT
PPQ_Proportional Reasoning with Student Work   DOC
Gr 9 – Linear Relations    
 PPQ – Linear Relations   DOC
Lesson Overview – Linear Relations   MP4
Open Question 1 - Student Work   MP4
Open Question 3 - Student Work   MP4
Parallel Question 1 - Student Work   MP4
Parallel Question 3 - Student Work   MP4
Gr 10 – Quadratics    
Quadratic Lesson – TLDSB   DOC
Coaching Notes – Quadratic Lesson   DOC
PPQ – Factoring Simple Trinomials   DOC
Student Sample 1   JPG
Student Sample 2   JPG
Student Sample 3   JPG
Student Sample 4   JPG
All Files (zip folder)   ZIP