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Teacher: Instead of writing - so Emily drew five tickets which is perfectly correct plus fifteen equals 45.I said, "Instead of writing five different tickets what could we do?" and Megan said, "We can have one ticket times five." So why did we do that? Why does that make sense?
Student: Because it could make it simpler
Teacher: It could make it simple...

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In the classroom, teachers have to take what students say (which will rarely be the nice succinct goal that was planned), and connect what they do say to that goal. Remember that students say a lot of things; some are germane to where we want the lesson to go and some are not. The teacher has to pick up on the germane parts. Sometimes a student will respond to a question and may not be right on point toward the lesson goal, but the teacher can probe in a way to help the student shape his/her response to get closer to the goal.

Follow up discussions play a significant role in cementing learning and building confidence in students. Responses of students will vary and the teacher must convey the message that all responses are valued. Open questions will solicit many answers that can be shared with the rest of the class.

In this video clip, the teacher responds to the student's suggestion that instead of drawing a picture of ticket 5 times, you could draw one ticket and multiply by that ticket by 5, leading to the algebraic equation of 5xT + 15 = 145.

The goal of this lesson

5 tickets + 15 = 45

1 ticket x 5

5t +15 = 45

The teacher uses the response from the student to get at the essence of how we write things simply with variables.

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